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We automate the process of generating music cue sheets for TV productions as well as the distribution in a wide variety of formats and web interfaces to stakeholders in the music reporting chain (collecting societies, broadcasters, rights owners etc)


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Why use us

All music used in a television production must be reported

You are probably well aware of this, but just to make it perfectly clear: You are bound to report the use of music in your productions for TV. And every second counts.

More time for audio visual storytelling

Reporting music usage manually can be very tedious and time consuming. Spending 4-8 hours on a 50 minute show on music cue sheets amounts to a lot of hours on a whole series. All these tedious hours will be released using Music2report.


Precision matters

Manually compiling a complete and not least precise music cue sheet on a show with up to 100 individual compositions, used in different lengths of time, different fragments, fades, mixes and even stems is indeed no easy task. It can be something of a detective work and no matter the experience of the one in charge of music cue sheet submission, such manual work is prone to error. Our service ensures a precise and swift procedure.


How it works


All prices include reporting per television program, incl. trailers

Episode duration 0-9 min.

Episode duration 10-19 min.

Episode duration 20-29 min.

Episode duration 30-39 min.

Episode duration 40-49 min.

Episode duration 50-90 min.

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45 £

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65 £

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85 £ 

All prices are excluding vat